Avery J8562 Frosted Clear Address Labels

99.1 x 34mm - 16 Labes Per Sheet (Pack of 400)
  • Model: 936006
  • Manufactured by: Avery Dennison

$32.01 Inc GST

Avery Frosted Address Labels add modern, professional finish to your mail. These labels are ideal for adding elegance to dark coloured and patterned envelopes especially for use at corporate events and for wedding invitations. With the Avery Quick Peel feature, they are easy to use. Simply bend back the sheet and the label edge pops-up making it quick to peel and apply to your envelopes.

Matt frosted labels are compatible with inkjet printers and come with Smudge Free reliability ensuring instant, high quality print results every time. The label format is 99.1 x 34mm with 16 labels per sheet and is an ideal size for applying to C6, DL an C4 Envelopes.

With the free and easy to use software Avery Design & Print online, you can easily create your clear shipping labels. Whether you choose a pre-designed label template or start from stratch with you own design, you can trust the software to deliver smart, stand out results.

  • Frosted Clear labels provide a contemporary finish to your addressing projects
  • Inkjet labels are smudge-free for a professional finish
  • Customise your labels with free and easy to use template software; Avery Design and Print
  • Quick Peel technology allows for quicker and easier detachment of labels from backing sheet
  • Ideal for dark coloured or patterned envelopes, wedding invitations and corporate events

Dimensions: 99.1 x 34 mm
Content: 400 Labels / 25 Sheets
Printer Type: Inkjet
Software Code: J8562
Adhesive Type: Permanent
Colour: Frosted Clear
Made from: Clear Polyester
Format: A4

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