Avery J8560 Frosted Clear Address Labels

  • Model: 936007
  • Manufactured by: Avery Dennison

$32.01 Inc GST

Give your invitations and letters an elegent and customised finish with Avery Frosted Clear Address Labels. These labels have a matt frosted finish, providing and elegent touch to letters and envelopes with a dark or patterned background. Ideal for creating a first impression at corporate events or for wedding invitations.

With the Avery Quick Peel feature, they are easy to use. Simply bend back the sheet and the label edge 'pops-up' making it quick to peel and apply to your envelopes.

They are compatible with inkjet printers and Smudge-Free ensuring instant, high-quality print results every time. The label format is 63.5 x 38.1mm wuth 21 labels per sheet and is an ideal size for applying to C6, DL and C4 envelopes.

With our FREE and easy to use software Avery Design & Print online, you can quickly create you clear addressing labels. Whether you choose a pre-designed label template or start from scratch with your own design, you can trust our software to deliver smart, stand-out results.

  • Frosted Clear labels provide a contemporary finish to your addressing projects
  • Inkjet labels are Smudge-Free for a professional finish
  • Customise your labels with our free and easy to use template software; Avery Design and Print
  • Quick Peel technology allows for quicker and easier detachment of labels from backing sheet
  • Ideal for dark coloured or patterned envelopes, wedding invitations and corporate events.

Dimensions: 63.5 x 38.1 mm
Content: 525 Labels / 25 Sheets
Printer Type: Inkjet
Software Code: J8560
Adhesive Type: Permanent
Colour: Frosted Clear
Made from: Clear Polyester
Format: A4

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