Avery L7167 Shipping Labels

199.6 x 289.1mm - 1 Label Per Sheet (Pack of 100)
  • Model: 959009
  • Manufactured by: Avery Dennison

$60.52 Inc GST

Customise these Jam Free labels for your mailing and shipping needs using free templates from Avery.
It's easy to add names, titles, addresses, barcodes and company logos that make sure your letters and parcels get to their destinations and look good to boot.
When your designs are done, you can print professional looking labels form you laser printer.
So speedy and simple to use, these labels bring more satisfaction than you bargained for.

  • Extensively tested to guarantee trouble free printing through laser printers
  • New maximum printer reliability technology prevents the build up of adhesive on your printer
  • High quality printing with no toner flaking
  • Special adhesive withstands the high heat of laser printers

Sheets per box: 100
Colour: White
Use: Laser Printers

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