Olympic Wotan Cloth Tape

75mm x 25M - Black
  • Model: 885080
  • Manufactured by: Olympic

$38.85 Inc GST

Ideal for book binding, repairs, packaging, picture framing applications etc.
Sticks to almost any surface in hot or cold conditions.
High strength, waterproof, non stretch and tears evenly.
General purpose premium grade Polyethylene cloth coated with a generous hi-tack adhesive which means they are moisture resistant and will stick to almost anything. 
Due to the strength and rubber adhesive this cloth tape can also be used for Carton sealing, Colour coding, Exhibition and Floor marking as well as general bundling and sealing applications.

Available Sizes: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 75mm rolls.
Available Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Beige, Yellow, White and silver.

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