Taymar Floor Standing Brochure Holder Carousel CS4

4 Modules of Your Choice - A4, A5 or DL
  • Model: CS-4
  • Manufactured by: Taymar

$352.00 Inc GST

Taymar Brochure Holder Carousels are strong, durable floor standing units that allow you to showcase and access your brochures with ease.
Each level can be rotated independantly, allowing fast and convenient accessibilty.
All Floor Standing Carousels come with a light grey base & pole. (Total Height - 1.5m)
Available in various configurations with 4 levels per carousel to display your information.
The Header Card Accessory is also available to suit all carousels.


A4 - 6 Pocket Module
A5 - 6 Pocket Module
DL - 12 Pocket Module

Additional delivery costs may apply.
Please contact us at sales@mpofficeplus.com.au for more information.

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