Taymar DL (1/3 A4) Angled Menu Holder with Clear PVC Cover

Slanted - Box of 130
  • Model: L100
  • Manufactured by: Taymar

$4.84 Inc GST

A simple and extremely cost effective way to display your literature.
Both single and double sided options are offered to suit DL (1/3 A4), A5 and A4 leaflets, menus or pricing information.
Simply slot your literature between the clear PVC cover that allows protection and simplicity to change.
Alternatively, the base only can be supplied for use with oversize or die-cut cards.

Literature Size: 210 x 100mm

Minimum Order of 130 Units.
For smaller or larger quantites please email us for a price.

Additional delivery costs may apply.
Please contact us at sales@mpofficeplus.com.au for more information.

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Min:  130

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