Deflecto Lit-Loc Brochure Holder Display System 8 x A4 & 16 x DL

Wall Mount - 8 x A4 & 16 x DL
  • Model: WD1201
  • Manufactured by: Deflecto

$180.58 Inc GST

Available in A4, A5 & DL, the Deflecto Lit-Loc range is an innovative, cascading brochure display system that enables different sized brochure holders to be linked together, creating a highly flexible, modular display.

The individual brochure holders link with each other side by side and front to back, making it possible to create a water-fall effect with multiple tiers of brochure holders.

Using a slimline metal bracket attached to the wall as an anchor, the brochure holders are linked together to create a display of unlimited width to meet even the most complex customer requirement.
Additional holders can then be attached to the front of the one above to produce a multiple tiered effect.

To ensure brochure visibility, the brochure holders connected in front have two vertical mounting positions on the rear holder, to expose a lesser or higher degree of the brochure behind as required.

The flexibility and versatility of the Lit-Loc system is perfect for building your own wall mounted display system to suit your specific literature presentation needs.

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