Dymo Cool Clicks Embosser

Embossing Machine
  • Model: 19297
  • Manufactured by: Dymo

$14.30 Inc GST

The DYMO Cool Clicks Talking Labelmaker is the perfect learning tool for kids.
It combines the learning aspect of spelling with the creative outputs of labels that kids love, so they can personalize all their stuff. And, it's all delivered as fun

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative design works the way kids work
  • Forward facing lever is intuitive to hold
  • Easy to squeeze and cut
  • Large easy-to-turn textured embossing wheel
  • Flattened button to gain additonal leverage when resting on table
  • Special label cutting feature makes for easy removal of peel-off backing
  • Easy to load cassette
  • Front exit labels that show the first letter embosed
  • Special label cutting feature makes for easy removal of peel off backing
  • Uses Cool Clicks labels in cool kid colours or any 9mm DYMO 3D embossing labels
  • Uses 2 AAA Alkaline batteries

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