Avery L7162FO Fluoro Orange Signalling Labels

99.1 x 34mm - 16 Labels Per Sheet (Pack of 400)
  • Model: 35972
  • Manufactured by: Avery Dennison

$23.65 Inc GST

Need to get someone to take notice?
Perhaps you've got some mail that needs reading urgently or it could even be fragile and you want the recipient to take care of it.
Use Avery Fluoro Labels to make something really stand out.
These fluoro orange labels can be printed with your own message so they are great for labelling parcels and other important mail.
You can also choose from a range of other promotional labels in more eye catching colours and shapes.
Simply use free Avery software to design and print your labels in minutes.

  • Fluoro coloured labels make your items highly visible and enable instant recognition
  • Ideal for marking documents, and files that need special attention and for labelling products and packaging for selling or shipping
  • Available in fluoro green, yellow, pink and orange
  • Guaranteed Jam Free printing on laser printers
  • Supported by free Avery templates

Sheets per box: 25
Colour: Fluoro Orange
Use: Laser Printers

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