Avery Dot Matrix Computer Labels 6423SWL

102 x 36mm - 1 Across (Box of 10000)
  • Model: 939109
  • Manufactured by: Avery Dennison

$195.80 Inc GST

Got a dot matrix printer in your office?
Then you'll need to make sure you have the right labels for it.
These dot matrix labels are exactly what you need.
The labels are specifically folded to work well with large mainframe printers.
You can choose from a range of different label widths to meet all your labelling needs.
And the labels are stored in a fanfold for smooth feeding through the printer.

  • Dot matrix labels in continuous fanfolds with a wide range of sizes in width formats from one to four labels
  • Ideal for use in large mainframe printers or invoice processing

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