GBC Fusion 3100L A3 Laminator

A3- 4 Roller
  • Model: BLF3100L
  • Manufactured by: GBC

$542.30 Inc GST

GBC proudly introduce the new 'Fusion' laminating range making laminating easy and super fast. For moderate users, the GBC 3000L models offer professional document finishing with class leading performance.

  • Ideal for the office department of mid size office
  • Very fast warm up time of 60 seconds
  • Fast through put speed pf 800mm/min for the 3100L
  • Tap touch button user controls
  • Accepts 75 - 175 micron pouches
  • Auto detect for mis-fed documents with a manual release
  • Auto shut off after 30 minutes with audible alert
  • Sureflow anti-jam technology

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