Rexel Contour 100L A3 Laminator

A3 - 2 Roller
  • Model: 2202002
  • Manufactured by: Rexel

$66.88 Inc GST

Rexel Contour Series Laminators combines engineering excellence with user friendly controls to provide fuss-free laminating every time.
Easy to operate, fast laminating speed and superior laminating results makes the Rexel Contour Series the ideal choice for your laminating solutions.

The Rexel Contour Series 100L models are perfect for low volume users as they provide fuss-free laminating at great value.

  • Perfect as a personal laminator in the office
  • Once switch does it all, simple to use temperature dial
  • New style top feed laminator, paper conviently feeds through the back to the front making it ideal to laminate in confined spaces.
  • Cold laminating for heat sensative pouches
  • Accepts pouches up to 125 microns plus cold setting functionality.
  • Laminates up to 64 A4 pages per hour (360mm/min).
  • Includes jam release for re-aligning pouches.
  • Unique curved entry and exit designed for a superior laminating finish.
  • Warm up time 4-6 minutes.
  • Visual ready indicator
  • 2 year warranty

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