Rexel Binding Combs 25mm Plastic

Black - Box of 50
  • Model: 45585
  • Manufactured by: Rexel

$18.73 Inc GST

Comb binding offers total flexibility, allowing you to create professional presentations from 2 to 425 pages.
High Quality A4 21 loop plastic combs / coils for use with all standard binding machines.
Combs can be reopened to insert or remove pages at any time.

6mm comb - 25 sheets capacity.
8mm comb - 45 sheets capacity.
9.5mm comb - 65 sheets capacity.
12.5mm comb - 95 sheets capacity.
16mm comb - 145 sheets capacity.
20mm comb - 165 sheets capacity.
25mm comb - 225 sheets capacity.
38mm comb - 330 sheets capacity.
50mm comb - 450 sheets capacity.

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