Rexel CB356 Flowline Pro Binding Machine

450 Sheet Binding Capacity - 25 Sheet Punch Capacity
  • Model: 2101432
  • Manufactured by: Rexel

$495.00 Inc GST

Rexel have released its new binding range of premium quality comb binders featuring the patented Flowline Pro binding system.
This patented system makes binding as quick and easy as it could possibly be and ensures perfect results every time.
It's a binding revolution.
Robust, manual comb binder suitable for office use.
All the new features of the Flowline Pro Range.
Punches up to 25 sheets.
Binds documents up to 450 pages using up to 50mm combs.
Punches for A4 paper.
Also includes 'simple click' for fingertip control of comb opening.
Comes complete with starter kit.
2 year warranty.

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