Fellowes Mars A4 Laminator

A4 - 2 Roller
  • Model: 5730601
  • Manufactured by: Fellowes

$63.80 Inc GST

Perfectly suited for occasional use for home and hobby applications.

  • Suitable for home use - ideal for hobby & craft
  • Attractive design, easy operation and wipe clean surface
  • Compact size for ease of storage
  • Entry width 220mm - laminates up to A4 size paper
  • Ready to laminate in 7 minutes
  • Automatic temperature setting ensures ease of use
  • Visual indicators clearly signal when ready to laminate
  • Laminates 1 sheet of A4 paper in 1 minute (300mm per min)
  • Advanced temperature control for consistent lamination results
  • Carry handles for easy transportation

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