Rexel Optima 40 Electric Stapler

40 Sheet Capacity - Silver
  • Model: 2102352
  • Manufactured by: Rexel

$267.30 Inc GST

Quiet performance ideal for the office.
Jam free stapling up to 40 sheets with Optima™ No.56 Premium Staples (2102496).
Flat clinch mechanism for neater stacks of stapled paper.
Intuitive user control ensures you are in charge of where and when the staple goes.
LED low staple indicator alerts you to refill before running out of staples.
Built-in stack height gauge and staple placement guides.
Features handy staple storage drawer.
Comfortable grip for manual or auto user option.
Accepts No.56 (26/6) staples.
5 year warranty.

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