Jastek HD450 Laminator A2

A2 - 4 Roller
  • Model: 0364210
  • Manufactured by: Jastek

$350.90 Inc GST

This low cost laminating machine is capable of either hot or cold lamination. Use this laminator to protect your documents, preserve photos, make luggage tags or create your own membership cards.

  • Ideal for laminating posters. Robust metal construction suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Max 450mm (A2) Laminating Width
  • Capable of laminating up to 250mic pouches
  • Impressive laminating speed of 660mm/min
  • Capable of cold laminating and includes convenient reverse function
  • Auto switch-off after 1hr of non operation
  • Adjustable temperature control with easy to ready temperature meter
  • Quick 3-4mins ready time

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